Consolidate my debt


What is debt consolidation?

Consolidating your debts involves rolling all of your existing debts (credit cards, loans etc...) into one personal loan - usually with a more competitive interest rate and lower fees. Doing this can help you take control of your debts and give you one manageable repayment to make.

How do I consolidate my debt?

If you're thinking about consolidating your debts and want to get on top of things, we can help you take control. Before you do anything, you should see how much the new loan repayments will be compared to what you're currently paying on your debts. Our debt consolidation calculator can help you work out the right loan, term, repayments and how often you make them.

Why choose a CUA personal loan?

As Australia's largest credit union, CUA profits are reinvested into our business, helping us to grow and invest in areas such as innovation and better member experiences.

No penalties for early payout

Pay off your loan sooner without being charged a fee.

Unlimited free extra repayments

Make extra repayments to pay off your loan quicker without being charged a fee.

No monthly fees

With $0 monthly fees, you can enjoy having a little extra money in your pocket.

Flexible repayment options

Choose to make either monthly, fortnightly or weekly repayments to suit your income and budget.

Easy access to your cash with redraw

Enjoy access to additional personal loan repayments with redraw>|.

Australian based call centres & branches

Our local CUA team members can help you on the phone, in one of our branches or on our messaging app iM CUA.

Calculate your personal loan repayments*

Whatever your next goal is, our repayments calculator can help you find the personal loan that best suits your needs. It allows you to easily figure out your options and calculate how much you would need to pay back weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Tell us about your loan

You can borrow up to $50,000 Please enter an amount between $5,000 and $50,000.
How often would you like your repayments?
Apply Now

Your repayments would be

$[repayment] per  month

Total interest payable

$[interest] over  years

* The graphical representation of loan calculations is not precise and is representational only.
The calculations provided are estimates only and based upon the information entered into the calculator by the user. The calculations do not include upfront or continuing credit fees and charges. The resulting calculations do not constitute a loan application or variation to an existing CUA facility, loan offer or loan approval.

Establishment fee $175
Monthly fee $0
Early payout fee $0

Applying for a CUA Personal Loan online

You can quickly and conveniently apply for a personal loan from CUA online. All you need to apply are some documents and an internet connection. In fact, it only takes a few steps.

Submit your form
Submit your application online and upload the required supporting documents.
Apply Online
Verifying your ID
We'll verify your ID. If your ID check can't be completed online, we'll help you with the next steps.
Approval & Acceptance
If your application is approved, you'll need to speak with a CUA team member in-branch or via our call centre to accept the contract. After acceptance, the funds will be credited to your CUA account.

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