Google Pay

Why you'll love paying with Google Pay

  • It's simple

    It only takes a minute to set up, and paying is just as easy. Simply wake your phone, tap and pay.

  • It’s secure

    Google Pay doesn’t store your actual credit or debit card number on your phone, so your card details stay safe.

  • It’s convenient

    No wallet? No worries. Google Pay can be used at any contactless payment terminal for in-app purchases.

Using your CUA Credit or Debit Card with Google Pay


Download the Google Pay app from the Google Play Store
Open the Google Pay app
Go to Payment and add a payment method
Follow the prompts

How to pay in stores and online using Google Pay


Tap & Pay: There’s no need to launch the app - simply wake your device, tap and pay.


With Google Pay it’s easy to make in-app payments. No need to enter your card details every time. When shopping in your favourite app, just choose Google Pay at checkout and save yourself time.

A CUA Everyday Account: Google Pay and a whole lot more

  • No monthly fees

    With $0 monthly account fees you can keep your money for the things that matter to you.
  • Unlimited fee-free electronic transactions

    Enjoy fee free card purchases within Australia, EFTPOS cash out in store plus free access to thousands of ATMs nationwide.
  • Switch your salary

    Our switching made simple guide will help you move your salary and other regular payments to your new CUA Everyday Account.
  • Manage your money

    Bank how and when it suits you with CUA Online Banking, the CUA Mobile Banking app and our Australia-based call centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Google Pay work?

Google Pay is a free app that allows you to pay with your CUA Visa Debit, CUA rediCARD and CUA credit cards with a tap of your phone while enjoying the same benefits and protection of your physical card.

Simply add your eligible CUA card and you’re ready to tap and pay for purchases.

You can use Google Pay almost anywhere contactless payments are accepted – look out for the payWave and Google Pay logos. You can also make in-app purchases when you see ‘buy with Google Pay’ and in participating mobile apps.

To pay for purchases in-store, just wake your phone by tapping the home or power button and place it near the contactless terminal. It’s that easy. Just like a contactless transaction with your CUA card, Google Pay will not work for purchases over $100 unless you enter your PIN at the terminal.

Within apps, simply select ‘Buy with Google Pay’ and you’re all done – there’s no need to manually enter payment information.

Is Google Pay secure?

Google Pay is a secure way to pay for your purchases:

  • Your physical card number is not stored on your phone
  • Just like a contactless transaction with your CUA card, Google Pay will not work for purchases over $100 unless you enter your PIN at the terminal
  • If your phone is ever lost or stolen, you can use Android Device Manager ( manager) to instantly lock your device, or even wipe it clean of any personal information
  • You will continue to enjoy $0 liability for unauthorised transactions the same as when using your physical card

How are my privacy and personal information protected?

Since Google Pay doesn't store your credit or debit card number on the device, you never reveal your name, card number or security code to merchants.

What CUA cards can I use with Google Pay?

You can use any CUA Everyday Account that has a linked CUA Visa Debit card or rediCARD (EFTPOS) including the following account types: Everyday, Everyday Snap, Everyday 50+, Everyday Youth, Everyday 55+, Everyday Business, Prime Access, Platinum Plus and Freedom Plus. To find out more, visit

You can also use your CUA Platinum and CUA Low Rate Credit Card.

Where can I use Google Pay?

You can use Google Pay anywhere contactless payments are accepted - look out for the payWave and Google Pay logos. You can also make in-app purchases when you see ‘Buy with Google Pay’.

Where can I use my CUA rediCARD with Google Pay?

You can use your CUA rediCARD (EFTPOS) with Google Pay to pay in-store at almost any terminal where the contactless symbol is displayed. However, some stores with tablet or touchscreen terminals do not currently accept rediCARDs through Google Pay.

If I use my rediCARD with Google Pay, will my physical rediCARD become a contactless card automatically?

No, the way you use your physical rediCARD won't change if you decided to use Google Pay. You would only be able to make secure contactless payments through your phone.

How do I make my CUA card my preferred card for my everyday banking?

The first card you upload to Google Pay will be your preferred card. You can swap your preferred card at any time within the app.

What happens when my card expires - do I have to re-register my new card?

When your card expires, you’ll receive a replacement card with the same PAN – or primary account number – and it will automatically be registered with Google Pay. You would only need to re-register a card if you are issued a card with a new PAN.

Am I able to opt out of Google Pay at any time?

Yes, you can add and remove cards when needed.

Can I use Google Pay overseas?

Yes you can. You can use Google Pay anywhere contactless payments are accepted.

What Google phone do I need?

Google Pay allows you to use NFC capable Android devices running Lollipop 5.0 and above to make payments.

Do I need to upgrade my Android operating system to use Google Pay?

As long as you have an Android phone running Lollipop 5.0 or above that is NFC enabled you do not need to upgrade.

How do I know what Android operating system my phone is running?

You can usually see this by going to Settings -> About -> Device -> Android version. If this doesn’t work on your device, please contact your phone manufacturer or telco.

What about making payments if I don’t have an Android phone?

Google Pay requires you to have an Android phone. CUA Everyday Banking members can also use our other mobile phone payment options: Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

What is the difference between Google Wallet and Google Pay?

Google Wallet and Google Pay are two different apps. Google Pay lets you use your phone to pay in stores and in apps with most credit or debit cards, across all NFC enabled android devices. The Google Wallet app lets you send and request money. Google has already said it will be migrating some aspects of Google Wallet to Google Pay.

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Payments using Google Pay are available for NFC enabled phones running on Android Lollipop 5.0 or above.