Income savers
eSaver Reward Account

  • Interest of up to 1.20% when you deposit $1000 or more each month into your CUA everyday banking account
  • Dip into your savings when you need without losing bonus interest
  • No account fees
Open in less than 5 minutes

Reasons to bundle your CUA Everyday banking account with eSaver Reward

Our eSaver Reward savings account rewards you for making CUA your main bank. You get bonus interest on eSaver Reward balances up to $100,000 when you deposit $1,000 or more into your everyday account each month - even if you make withdrawals. With a CUA eSaver Reward Account and a CUA everyday account, qualifying for bonus interest is as easy as switching your salary to your everyday account.

Earn a generous interest rate

Enjoy an interest rate of up to 1.20% p.a.<< on eSaver Reward balances up to $100,000 when you deposit $1,000 or more (like your salary) each month into your CUA everyday banking account.

Access your money and keep your interest

Gives you the flexibility to dip into your eSaver Reward savings when you need to without losing your bonus interest from your monthly $1000 deposits.

Chat banking from anywhere

Our iM CUA app lets you message the CUA Personal Banker of your choice from anywhere at a time that suits you.

Everyday convenience

Manage your CUA everyday banking and eSaver Reward accounts together in one place, and instantly move money between accounts.

No monthly account fees

No monthly account fees, no online and mobile banking transaction fees, and no telebanker transaction fees.

Boost your savings

Set up an automatic transfer from your everyday account or add to your savings while you spend with Savings top-up so you can reach your dreams even sooner.

How does it work

Deposit at least $1000 a month into your CUA everyday account to earn bonus interest on your eSaver Reward Account.

Your CUA everyday banking account

or more each month
(i.e. your salary)

Your CUA eSaver Reward

Earn up to
Balances up to $100,000
0.05% base rate + 1.15% bonus interest rate <<

Calculate your savings

Looking to maximise your savings plan and earn more interest?

This savings planner helps you estimate how much interest you could generate from your savings account.
The results provided by these calculators are an approximate guide only, and don't necessarily correspond to the precise operations of CUA deposit products. Any advice contained in this calculator has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on any advice in this calculator, we recommend you consider whether it's appropriate for your circumstances. The Savings Calculator assumes that interest is calculated daily and paid monthly. The actual method of calculation in practice can vary depending on the product/account chosen.

Getting started

You can open an account online with us in less than 5 minutes.

Apply online

We will open your eSaver Reward Account with an accompanying everyday account.

Switch your salary

Deposit at least $1,000 into your accompanying CUA everyday account.

Watch your savings grow

Set aside your savings in your CUA eSaver Reward Account and earn bonus interest.

Need some help?

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

You can earn bonus interest on your eSaver Reward account balances up to $100,000 (the proportion of your account balance over $100,000 will earn the base rate of interest).

We determine whether you're eligible for bonus interest by looking at the deposits made into your everyday account(s) during the month. Each month a total of $1,000 (or more) needs to be deposited via direct bank transfer from an external (non-CUA) account into one of your everyday accounts.

    This can be either:
  • A single deposit of $1,000 (or more); or
  • A number of deposits made during the month that equal or exceed $1,000.
  • Please remember that internal transfers from other CUA accounts and cash or cheque deposits do not qualify toward earning bonus interest.

To be able to qualify for bonus interest on your eSaver Reward you must also have a CUA everyday account.

    You can open a everyday account or use an existing everyday account. Any of the following everyday accounts can be used for your regular deposit:
  • Everyday
  • Everyday Snap
  • Everyday Youth
  • Everyday 50+
  • Everyday 55+
  • Everyday Business
  • Prime Access
  • Freedom Plus
  • Platinum Plus

No. We will automatically consider all types of everyday accounts held under your name (i.e. using your Customer Number) and work out if any qualify you for bonus interest on your eSaver Reward. Only one of your everyday accounts needs to meet the criteria of $1,000 deposited each month and the bonus interest will be applied to your eSaver Reward.

We have a limit of one eSaver Reward Account per customer.

Yes you can. The eSaver Reward is flexible allowing you to take out money when you need it without losing your bonus interest. The bonus interest is based on deposits made into your everyday account.

You can have an eSaver Reward Account in one name or in joint names. Keep in mind that each customer can only be an account owner for one eSaver Reward Account, as either a primary or a secondary account holder.