Send and receive money faster on your mobile

Now you can transfer money between friends faster and easier on your phone with NPP available in the CUA Mobile Banking app. It means splitting the bill and paying for tickets just got much easier.

Faster transfers with Fast Payments

One of the key features of NPP is Fast Payments, which, as the name suggests, makes it faster to receive money. With Osko from BPAY, money can be securely transferred in less than a minute between participating financial institutions.

PayID for easier transfers

Another handy NPP feature is that you can set up a unique PayID in CUA Online Banking which makes transferring money between friends much easier. With PayID, you can register your mobile number or email address against your account. Then, when someone needs to pay you money, you simply tell them your mobile number or email address, rather than hard-to-remember bank account details.

So next time you have to split a taxi, a dinner bill or movie tickets, use some of the NPP services offered by CUA to get paid quickly and easily.

To learn how to set up your PayID with your CUA account, visit
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