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Whether you’re looking for your first car or you need to upgrade to a larger model, buying a vehicle is a big financial decision.

But instead of falling in love with your dream car then stretching yourself to pay for it, think about what you can afford comfortably. Do some research on the type of car you're looking for so you have an idea of price and what represents value for money. And don't forget to factor in the extra costs of owning a car, like registration, insurance and fuel.

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Things to consider when you buy a new car

Timing is everything

Choosing the right time to buy your car is important, particularly if you’re buying from a dealer. Dealers may be more willing to offer discounts at the end of financial year, the end/start of the calendar year and even the end of each month.

Your finance

Before you go shopping, think about how you’ll pay for the car. Do you have savings you can put towards the car? If you need finance, will it work out cheaper in the long run to get a bank loan rather than dealer finance? Research your options and compare costs before committing.


Insurance is just one of the extra costs to factor in when you buy a car, and the type of car you choose will have a big impact on your premium. To help you save in the long run, think about cars with a good safety rating as they are generally cheaper to insure.

Extra features

If you’re buying a new car, there are normally lots of optional extras to consider. Adding these will usually bump up the cost of your car, so think carefully about the features you need and stick to the ones that will actually be useful.

Fuel efficiency

Buying a car that’ll use less fuel could help you save a considerable amount of money in the long run. Smaller, lighter cars are typically more fuel efficient but this may also vary depending on the car brand or model.

Research, research, research

Before you head out car shopping, research your options. Look online for car models that might fit your needs and work out what they typically cost. Talking to friends and family about their experience with different brands or models can also be helpful.

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