Term deposit calculator

If you have a term deposit, you can use this calculator to estimate how much interest you could generate on maturity.

Just enter the deposit amount, your term deposit interest rate and the investment term, and the calculator will provide you with an estimate of interest earned on maturity.

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Term Interest in
Interest monthly
1 Month 0.10%p.a. Not available
2 Month 0.15%p.a. 0.05%p.a.
3 Month 0.50%p.a. 0.40%p.a.
4 Month 0.50%p.a. 0.40%p.a.
5 Month 0.50%p.a. 0.40%p.a.
6 Month 0.50%p.a. 0.40%p.a.
7 Month 0.50%p.a. 0.40%p.a.
8 Month 0.50%p.a. 0.40%p.a.
9 Month 0.50%p.a. 0.40%p.a.
10 Month 0.50%p.a. 0.40%p.a.
11 Month 0.50%p.a. 0.40%p.a.
12 Month 0.65%p.a. 0.55%p.a.
13-23 Month 0.65%p.a. 0.55%p.a.
2 years 0.65%p.a. 0.55%p.a.
3 years 0.65%p.a. 0.55%p.a.
4 years 0.65%p.a. 0.55%p.a.
5 years 0.65%p.a. 0.55%p.a.
Platinum Plus Club Members (55+)
1 Year 0.75%p.a. 0.65%p.a.
13-23 Months 0.75%p.a. 0.65%p.a.
2 Years 0.75%p.a. 0.65%p.a.
3 Years 0.75%p.a. 0.65%p.a.
4 Years 0.75%p.a. 0.65%p.a.
5 Years 0.75%p.a. 0.65%p.a.

Conditions: Minimum investment $5,000. Interest is calculated daily on whole balances. To receive the Platinum Plus Club Member rates mentioned below, the account owner of the term deposit must be either an individual aged 55 years or over, or a Super Fund/Trust, where the Trustee is an individual aged 55 years or over.

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This result is indicative only and should not be relied upon. Changes in interest rates and investment term will affect the result.